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Tanya, pictured here with the Jordan City Council 2012


Tanya was elected to the Jordan City Council in 2008. She has overseen or has been directly involved in a number of projects:

  • State Highway 282 public improvement project which included an intersection at State Highway 282 and State Highway 21 that involved a lawsuit against the city which she assisted in resolving.
  • Initiated Town Hall meetings for better communication between the city and its residents.
  • Assisted in the development of a downtown façade improvement program that provides grants to property owners willing to make exterior improvements to their buildings.
  • Assisted in the development and input into locating a medical clinic, pharmacy, and library with the CDA to the city of Jordan.
  • Assisted in the coordination and development with the Jordan School District of a new baseball and softball field enabling the further enhancement of recreational facilities for Jordan High School baseball and softball and youth baseball and softball programs.
  • Re-energized the Jordan Coalition, a volunteer organization consisting of clergy and community leaders in providing social services to Jordan citizens.
  • Key participant in the city’s short and long term strategic planning efforts.
  • Key participant in offering budget alternatives due to the elimination of local government aid and market value homestead credit aid.
  • Successful in the city reaching labor agreements with each of its employee unions.
  • Collaborating and efforts with Economic Development Authority in developing Jordan with Business, down town facade improvements, Jordan parking study and Jordan hotel study.

  • Collaborating and strategic planning for Economic Development Authority
Your vote counts!  Vote to re-elect Tanya Velishek on November 6, 2012.