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The mission for “The Jordan Economic Development Authority” (EDA) will proactively encourage and promote economic development by attracting new business, cultivate existing business, improve business environment and strategically utilize resources to create jobs through commercial and industrial opportunities within the community.

Tanya believes that economic development is important for the sustainability of communities to promote the standard of living, economic health, and the social well-being of the people with in your community.

Economic development is programs that provide infrastructure and services. During Tanya’s time on Jordan’s city council, Tanya has looked at the 169 pedestrian crossings and roadways. She has analyzed  park developments and infrastructural changes, including senior living projects, safety, and crime prevention, and has collaborated with the Jordan Area school system.

On the Minnesota state level, Tanya has worked on the Clinical Coordination Partnership which is promoting health care professionals and the creation of health care student placements and recruitment into Minnesota’s health care facilities. The goal for the Clinical Coordination Partnership is to create and maintain Minnesota students opportunities for employment within the state of Minnesota by creating student placements within Minnesota.

Your vote counts! Vote to re-elect Tanya Velishek on November 6, 2012.